1. A pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.

The term “gastropub” originated across the pond in the late 20th century to describe a public house with an emphasis on high quality food. It all started in 1991 when two gentleman took over a pub called The Eagle in Central London, thus starting a taste-bud-revolution. Against the tyranny of freezer to fryer bar food and uninspired cuisine, David Eyre and Mike Belben redefined what it meant to be a pub. Featuring local ingredients, bold flavors, and adventurous dishes, a new type of pub was born. The people rejoiced as stale beers, uninspired wines and boring food were no longer acceptable at the local watering hole. The concept of a restaurant/bar hybrid garnered support from consumers around the globe and the “gastropub” movement began.

Back state-side The Spotted Pig opened in the West Village in Manhattan and so began the American Revolution of gastropubs. Over the next decade restauranteurs with a passion for food, drink, and service followed suit and launched concepts all over the country dedicated to serving a better product. Each great gastropub was different; some were opened by chefs and some were opened by bartenders, but all adhered to the core values of the legendary founding venues which fostered the coup against mediocrity.

Today  those core values still exist and authentic gastropubs stand for everything right in the world: great food and drinks, quality service, and a touch of entertainment. The modern gastropub is a foodie’s dream, a cocktail connoisseur’s desire, and a home for every sports fan, casual eater, and anyone in between. To the gastropub, titan of hospitality, we salute you!